SkyTools Frequently Asked Questions

Will SkyTools run on a Mac?

Not directly, but it does run (and is supported) on the Mac under just about any Windows emulator. Many of these emulators are inexpensive and easy to use. See System Requirements for more information. We have many happy Mac customers.

Can SkyTools be installed on more than one device?

Yes. Our license agreement allows the purchaser to install SkyTools on more than one device, such as a desktop at home and a laptop or tablet to be taken into the field.

How do I get Support?

There is no subscription required for support nor does it expire after a short period of time. Although we have an extensive presence of other users on our Skyhound forums, we do not expect you to rely on other users when you have a problem or quesion. We provide product support directly on the forums, via email, via phone, and via our support form

Is SkyTools kept up to date and are updates free?

Yes.  SkyTools is kept up to date with bug fixes and minor tweaks. 

What are the minimum system requirements for SkyTools?  Click here for the answer.

What is your upgrade policy when a new major version is released?

Starting in 2020 we will offer yearly incremental upgrades for a nominal fee.

Using SkyTools 4, is it easy to keep up with the latest comets, novae, supernovae and close-approaching minor planets?

The latest comets, novae, supernovae, and interesting minor planets currently visible are automatically kept up to date. The comet data includes magnitudes, coma diameters and DC based on the latest observations.

Does SkyTools work in the southern hemisphere?

Yes.  SkyTools works for any location on earth and the database covers the entire sky, not just what is visible from the northern hemisphere.

Can SkyTools control my telescope?

In most cases, yes. SkyTools 4 uses ASCOM to interface with most telescope mounts. Telescope control is included as part of SkyTools 4 Imaging and the Visual Professional Edition. 

Can I use SkyTools to make charts, calendars, event lists, etc. for my web site or club newsletter?

Yes. We do not exercise unreasonable control over what you do with the charts and data created with SkyTools. When you publish content generated via SkyTools, please attribute it.