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SkyTools 3 Flash Demos

Some things you just have to see for yourself.  These demonstrations are designed to show how SkyTools works in practice.

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Planning Visual Observations with the Standard/Pro Nightly Planner

The SkyTools Nightly Planner is a powerful tool with unique capabilities.  The author demonstrates his intuitive approach to planning visual observations. 

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The SkyTools 3 Standard/Pro Edition Highlight Tour  

The author takes you on a whirlwind tour with something for everyone, from star hoppers to astrophotographers.

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SkyTools 3 is Available in Three Editions

SkyTools 3 Starter Edition 

  $49.95 buy

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Windows Download  Available January 28

SkyTools 3 Standard Edition

  $99.95 buy

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Windows CDROM

SkyTools 3 Professional Edition

  $179.95 buy

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Imaging / Astrophotography  


Windows USB Flash Drive