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Sky Events in SkyTools 3

All kinds of sky events can be computed with the SkyTools Standard/Pro Editions, including eclipses, close approaches of two planets, Jupiter satellite events, moon phases, meteor showers, etc.  The Current Events tool searches the months ahead for sky events while the Special Events tool is used for discovering events in the distant past or future.

Select the kinds of sky events you are interested in and SkyTools will make a list for one or more months in advance.  Select an event and the details are displayed at the bottom (shown for a shadow transit of Jupiter's moon Europa above).  Right-click on an event (or detail) to display an appropriate chart.  

Click the calendar button to display a calendar of upcoming events visible from your location.  The calendar can be printed to remind you of the months happenings:

Double-click on any date to display the events for that night:

Above the altitude of Saturn's moon Hyperion is drawn as a red dashed line.  The time when it reaches maximum elongation from the planet is indicated with a yellow dot.  With this tool you can quickly evaluate the visibility of each event from your location.