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Full Version: Nightly Observing List Generator Problem?
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When I run the list generator, it does not return anything for most of the options, except a few items in the Showpieces and Shallow sky.  I was trying to generate a list for Mar 2.  My location is Gainesville, GA (selected from the list).  

The time range (red bars) was from 19:00 to 01:30.  All the filters were set to the least restrictive.  The instrument was a Skywatcher 8" Dob, with a 24mm EP.

It appears to be searching the database, but returns "No Objects Found".

Thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

I had just upgraded from the Starter edition to the Standard edition w/real time.  Version shows as SkyTools Version 3.2j R2 DL SE

This is naturally what happens when you select a night when the moon is full. Try a night later in the month or generate an observing list for objects that are not affected by moonlight, such as double stars.
Thanks, appreciate the quick response.

I get this kind of question every month. It's how I know when the moon is full. Wink