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Full Version: New iTelescope at New Mexico Skies - T02
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Hi Greg,

I just received a notice from iTelescopes that they've got a new scope, T02 set up. It's a Takahashi 130mm with a single shot color camera. I haven't looked further into the specs, but I thought I'd let you know.

Phil S.
I'll have it ready for download soon. Hopefully tomorrow.
Hi Greg,
For info, according to SkyTools the camera on T02 is an SBIG STL-4000XCM, but according to Itelescope, it's a QHY268C (the OTA is correct though).
Regarsd... Paul

I have a new version that uses the QHY268C, and I took some test images. I had trouble reconciling the field of view and put things on hold until I figured it out. All of my images were out of focus anyhow! I just now figured out that I was being stupid with the FOV. I'll upload the new scope later today after I do some final checks.

Look out, here comes a rant: I am rather disheartened with iTelescope these days. They have made promises to me that they haven't kept. For example, I have explained again and again how critical it is to know when the mirrors were last cleaned, but they act like they can't hear me. As a user, I am beyond frustrated with how infrequently their telescopes work properly. I liked T33 but it had sucky tracking, then they took it offline and with no notice. I don't know how anyone could use their scopes for anything beyond a pretty picture once in a while. You could easily start a project and discover the scope has stopped working or been unceremoniously removed from their system. I finally just gave up on T70 and T71 due to poor internet and other issues. I guess I should go back and see if they are working now so I can test them.

I had a long term project going on T24 that required timely monitoring and I haven't been able to get reliable data in a year and a half. It was a great telescope when I started using it... but they don't seem to be in any hurry at all to get it back online, which is driving me crazy. And when it does come online I doubt if it will work well for many months. They have a lot of my money and I can't seem to get much out of it. I spent a lot of time and money on my T24 project, and that is now going into the trash bin. It doesn't even have weather data available anymore!
I uploaded a new improved version of T02.
(2022-01-06, 12:06 AM)theskyhound Wrote: [ -> ]I uploaded a new improved version of T02.

Thanks for that!
I know what you mean about iTelescope, they do seem to have issues with a lot of telescopes lately and not just offline or out of service, I remember trying to use T24 last April-June and had several reservations not run for no apparent reason. Most frustrating! 
Let's see how I get on with T02 tonight...  Undecided
Good luck! I made a reservation on T2 later this month myself.