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Full Version: Rock 1999 RM45 Next Week
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We will get a near Earth pass of a large rock from space at the end of the month. 1999 RM45 will pass just under 8LD out, so not really super close. But being between 350-780 meters in size with a high albedo might make it worth a look. Possibly 12th magnitude. There are two windows for observing when the moon is below the horizon and the rock is up in the south and moving along at a good clip (42-72 arc seconds per minute) from my backyard. It will be moving along faster later on the evening of March 1, but getting lower and dimmer.

2/28 20:00cst (3/1 02:00UT) Moon 72° away and down 1.4°  or  3/1 20:00cst (3/2 02:00UT) Moon 107° away and down 15°

If you run the ephemeris just prior to observation in ST4, you should be able to get a detailed IA plot.

Kenneth Drake