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Full Version: Fairly Bright Nova in Cassiopiea
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I added Nova Cas 2021 to the Current Bright Novae and Supernovae list. It is mag 7.9.
Startools 4 Observing List "Current Bright Novae and Supernovae" shows Nova Cas 2021 as the alternate ID for V405 Cas. But standard sources, including
show the nova to be newly designated V1405 Cas, not V405 Cas.

Recent reports from AAVSO at show the current magnitude to be about 10, not mag 8.4 shown in the  "Current Bright Novae and Supernovae" observing list.

Clear skies,  Howard
Thanks Howard. I fixed the typo. The typo was causing it to not update the magnitude properly.

SkyTools. I wish those guys who made Startools had listened to me when I asked them nicely to pick a different name. But they just got angry with me for even suggesting it (and they were still testing the original version at the time).