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Full Version: Comets for Nexus DSC
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As the Nexus DSC seems to be getting more popular it would be nice if ST4 could output the current comets list in a format that it could read. The Nexus DSC basically reads an MPC softCmt00.txt file that has to be copied onto a MicroSD and put in the device. Although one can of course edit the one from the MPC or Gideons site it would be nice for ST4 users to do it easily. Just to balance out all the requests from the MP users  Smile
Hi Owen,

This sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. The only tricky part is testing it. If you can test it, then it should be easy. I'll look into the docs.
I can help with the test as well, I have a Nexus DSC.
I had a look at the docs for the Nexus. I propose having SkyTools create two files:

Soft00Cmt.txt (current comets list)
Soft00Bright.txt (current minor planets list)

After loading into the Nexus, these should appear as "Comets" and "Bright Asteroids."

This feature will be accessed via a menu item on the "Telescope Control" menu of the Real Time tool.
Yes I have a Nexus and can test. The Nexus DSC now comes in two versions the normal (that I have) and the Pro. The files would be the same for each. I guess the minor planets might be of interest to some people  Smile
Thanks for doing this Greg. The comets seem to load properly and can be searched on. Unfortunately we have permacloud here so I can't test for real but it seems to show them in the right places.

Will let the other Nexus users I know that use SkyTools that they can now have this.