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Full Version: 2001 CB21 Late Febuary
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I know.... nobody plans out this far.....but it just jumped out at me due to the magnitude.

It's actually brightest well before it catches up and crosses inside our orbit. Being Brightest (14th mag) in the early morning hours of Feb 28 in the south up 80° moving 17"/min. The skinny moon is ~90° away.

Over the next several days, it remains bright, high and well placed as it speeds up to 30"/min. Close approach coming at 01:57CST Mar 4th at a distance of 12.77LD for me with the big rock low in the ENE. This is a big rock, possibly 3/4 mile. The uncertainty =0, so plotting should be easy.

Moon is not a factor.
Yes, that sure looks like a good one. Also check out (455176) 1999 VF22 that I mentioned in my message on Jan 27. It will only reach 16 magnitude according to the predictions of ST4v, so more of a challenge.

Phil S.
This really large (possibly kilometer sized) rock from space known as 138971 (2001 CB21), should be in view of larger scopes in the early morning hours (Feb 20) moving slowly in Coma Berenices at magnitude 14.9. Many recent observations have the ephemeris locked in. In a couple of weeks, March 1, it should be near 14th mag and well placed in a moonless sky. Spending all the morning dark hours very high until twilight encroaches. It remains high each morning until close approach in the morning hours of March 4th. It does not brighten, dropping to 15th mag at closest approach, but moving 30"/min clipping thru southern Hercules at a safe distance of 13LD.

I'm looking for a good weather front to wash my air.
Hi MP Hunters,

Here's a chart showing the predicted path of 2001 CB21 for the next several days as seen from the Columbus, Ohio area: [attachment=2282]

As BMD noted, this large NEO should be 14th magnitude at its brightest. It's on the MPC's list of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids, too.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
I was clouded out for the bright pass of this big rock on the 28th when it was 13.9. Over the next several day slipped fainter each morning by ~0.2-0.5 mags until it slipped too low. Wondering if anyone else managed to snag it.