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Full Version: 2022 ES3 visible in Japan
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Hi MP Hunters,

The NEO 2022 ES3 is predicted to reach maximum brightness of 16.6 magnitude at midnight on March 14 in Japan. It will be 439,000 km from earth moving at 400"/min. through Ursa Major.

With the nearly full moon interfering, a large scope will be needed to observe this fast-moving object.

Good luck,

Phil S.
Thanks Phil
Any closer and you can reach out and grab it...
Ooh, at 7-23m I wouldn't recommend it  Wink.

Phil S.
Pretty sure I caught a cricket ball travelling at that speed with my bare hand once. It turned my hand to a swollen jelly (and I didn't hold on to it)
Maybe that speed, but that large? Sure would leave a mark and on more than your hand, too. Ouch!

Phil S.
True, but I have been married over 40 years, I am immune to pain... Smile
Thank you for the information, Phil S. It's always exciting to hear about upcoming celestial events. I hope many people will be able to observe the NEO 2022 ES3, despite the challenges presented by the moon's brightness,specifically japan people. Best of luck to all the MP Hunters out there!
Hi Tifon,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately this is a post from March 2022, so this event is long past.

On the bright side, if you're an observer in Japan and are interested in future updates about close approaches of minor planets that would be well viewed from Japan, I'll post those events to the forum. There are 2 'Rarity'=2 close approaches coming in June 2023 that are predicted to be brighter than 14 magnitude.

I know that there are many skilled amateur astronomers in Japan.

Phil S.