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Full Version: New Supernova in M 33
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Today's update to the Current Bright & Interesting Novae & Supernovae in ST4 Visual reports a new supernova in M 33 in Triangulum. The supernova is currently 13.5 magnitude.

This object is currently well placed for northern hemisphere evening viewing.

Phil S.
Thanks Phil. The discovery page is here: with a bit more info and an image.
that sounds awfully faint for an SN in M33. Could it just be an ordinary nova?

All I know is what ST4 Visual told me. Did you check out Greg's link to the discovery page?

Phil S.
I think its a Nova, but we won't be sure until someone gets spectra. Its actually labeled as a Nova but showing up classified as a an SN.
Actually ST4v refers to this object as a Nova of type Supernova. It's quite a distance from the center of M 33 so hopefully not heavily obscured by dust. How bright did SN 1987A in the LMC get? Is it in the SkyTools database? I couldn't find it using the Designation Search.

Phil S.

You repeated my earlier statement. I am sorry if I somehow wasn't as clear as I could have been. Apparently I missed SN 1987A when I added historical supernovae.

The active SN page still lists it as type unknown:
How bright should a Type Ia supernova be at the distance of M 33?

Phil S.
well given S And in M31 reached about 6 one would assume the same kind of range. SN1997A was naked eye when it was discovered. It will still a binocular object when I saw it later in the year.. However given M33 one would expect some variant of a Type II SN from a core collapse object. SN 1987A was a core collapse SN from a blue supergiant so one would assume Type II or one of the Ib or Ic classes. A search suggests a peculiar Type II
How bright should a Type Ia supernova be at the distance of M 33 or was S And also a Type Ia?

Phil S.
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