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Full Version: Close Approach of (439437) 2013 NK4
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CNEOS presicts that the large NEO, (439437) 2013 NK4, will make a close approach on 2024-Apr-15 14:51±<00:01 UT at a distance of 0.02177 AU moving with V Relative=16.49 km/sec, H=18.8 magnitude, diameter 460 m - 1.0 km and 'Rarity'=2. The orbit calculations were made with a 3634 day observation arc. The Condition Code=1 and the Earth MOID=0.0149312 AU. The solution date was 2024-Apr-09 17:48:20 PDT. This large minor planet is on the MPC's list of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. The MOID for Venus is 0.00878 AU. Several close encounters with Venus are predicted in the next 100 years, but this is the closest approach to earth during that time.

Using MPC's orbital elements for 2024 Apr 9 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that close approach will occur (to the nearest hour) on 2024 Apr 15 1100 EDT when the MP will be 0.02 AU distant moving through Hercules at 13 magnitude and 63"/minute, but in daylight as seen from Columbus, Ohio. Maximum brightness of 12.4 magnithde will occur on April 17 0300 EDT at 0.03 AU distance with the NEO moving through Serpens Caput at 42"/minute. This large NEO should be visible from Apr 13 at 15.8 magnitude (in Vulpecula, 32"/minute) to May 1 at 16.3 magnitude (in Virgo, 1.2"/minute), so there's plenty of time to observe this large rock.

Here's the Object Info dialog for this object: [attachment=3066]

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