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Full Version: Update to version 4.x.11.06
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Hello Everyone,

Please perform a full backup before you download and apply the update to version 4.x.11.06. I had two reports about problems with log entries right after I released this update, so I pulled it out of an abundance of caution. But the problems seem unrelated to each other and unrelated to the update. Therefore I am going to make the update available once again. Just in case there is a problem with the update after all, making a backup via the Tools menu before applying it will ensure your data is safe.
Hi Greg,

Do you still have the Update function deactivated? When I restarted SkyTools Visual after doing the Backup, there was no mention of an Update. Going through the 'Update, Registration and Feedback' Option on the Setup Main Menu drop down returned a 'No Update Needed' message.

Did I miss something?

Phil S.

I just enabled it a few minutes ago. I was giving people some time to see the message here. Try again.