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Full Version: Skytools 4 installation failure
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I have been using Skytools 3 for years. I paid for any tried to install Skytools 4 today. When I try to run Skytools 4 I keep getting "Log: SING Error" and the program terminates.


1. Did you do anything at all before this happened, like switch tabs, set up an imaging system, etc?

2. What is your OS?
I did nothing prior to the SGP 4 install.

I have Windows 10 Pro on a fairly new computer (1 1/2 years). I have never had any issue with SGP 3 updates prior to this.

I did have some issue with my virus software (Bitdefender) so I had to turn the virus protection OFF for the installation.


1. Uninstall

2. Delete the "SkyTools 4" folder located in your Documents area

3. Download the setup file again. It is now code signed, which may help with your over-zealous bitdefender.

4. Install again

Let me know if that doesn't help
I deleted the Skytools 4 directory and uninstalled Skytools 4

I downloaded another copy of the install file.

Tried to re-install but got same error... and Skytools 4 would not open.

When I run the install, the install goes to completion and starts to run Skytools 4. At this point you can select downloading the extended database. I tried both options (not select the extended database and installing the extended database). In both cases after completion I get "Log: SING Error" and the program terminates.

I deleted the Skytools 4 directory, uninstalled Skytools 4. Then downloaded the latest installation file. I re-ran the installation. After a complete installation the program opens and asks if I want to install the extended database. At the same time that the screen for installing the extended databse appears, I get a message 'Log: SING error' and the program terminates. Whenever I try to re-run Skytools 4, it continues to ask if I want to install the extended database, and continues to give me "Log: SING error" and terminates the program.

This happens on both my desktop and my laptop. NOTE: The installation goes to completion and starts Skytools 4 before I get the 'Log SING error'

I did some more testing of the Skytools 4 installation.

I have three computers. One desktop in my office, one laptop, and one desktop in my observatory. The office desktop and the laptop are both fairly new (1-2 years old) while the observatory desktop is well over 5 years old. They all run Intel processors (I5 and I7 series). They all run Windows 10 Pro and they all use Bitdender.

The observatory desktop (the older machine), installs Skytools 4 with no problems. It also runs with no problems or messages.

Both of the newer machines install Skytools 4, but when it then opens Skytools 4, I get a message box "Log: SIGN error" at the same time I am asked if I want to install the extended database. When I then click to clear the error box, Skytools 4 terminates. I have not been able to run Skytools 4, even though the install process indicates that the install was complete.

I have Skytools 3 loaded on all three computers and I have never had any problem running installation updates.

Hope this helps...

Roger Menard

It has to be Bitdefender. There is no other reasonable explanation, particularly since you are seeing the problem on more than one computer. We have had trouble with Bitdefender before, and to be frank, I don't recommend it. If your anti-virus should never cause harm, and it certainly should never do it without telling you exactly what it is doing.
I don't believe it is the Bitdender. Skytools 4 goes through the complete install without an errors.  It even indicates a successful install. t is only when it open Skytools 4 that I get the error. Besides, I successfully installed Skytools 4 on my Observatory desktop, which also has Windows 10 Pro and Bitfender. The only major difference is my Observatory desktop is a much older computer. 

I also have never had a problem installing Skytools 3 updates on any of my computers. 

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