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Full Version: Close Approch of (504034) 2005 UJ159
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CNEOS predicts that the kilometer-sized NEO, (504034) 2005 UJ159 will make a close approach on 2024-Jun-16 20:55±<00:01 UT at a distance of 0.07310 AU moving with V Relative= 31.81 km/sec,  H=17.6 magnitude, diameter 800 m - 1.8 km and 'Rarity'=1. There is a 6701 day observation arc, the Condition Code=0 and the Earth MOID=0.0397321 AU. The solution date was 2024-Mar-06 05:26:05 PDT. This NEO was discovered at Palomar on 2005-10-30 by NEAT. This NEO won't come within 0.1 AU of earth again until June 2134 when it is predicted to be 0.07642 AU at close approach.

Using MPC's orbital elements for the epoch 2024 May 24 0000 UT, ST4v predicts that (504034) 2005 UJ159 will reach a peak brightness of 15.3 magnitude on June 18 at 1800 EDT when the MP will be 0.08 AU distant traveling through Antlia at 27"/minute in twilight on the horizon as seen (actually not seen) from Columbus, Ohio. Close approach (to the nearest hour) is predicted to occur on 2024 June 16 at 1900 EDT at a distance of 0.07 AU when the NEO's brightness is predicted to be 16.2 magnitude traveling through Hydra at 36"/minute in daylight in Columbus, Ohio. This NEO will be best observed from the southern hemisphere.

Here's the Object Info dialog for this NEO: [attachment=3134]

Good hunting,

Phil S.

Edit: I see that the designation of the NEO is incorrect in the thread title. The correct deignation is (504034) 2005 UJ159. It's corrected now.