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Full Version: Transfering user data and log files from ST3Pro to ST4I
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I have upgraded my SkyTools and am installing ST4I right now and am wondering how I can transfer my existing user data (e.g. telescopes, cameras, filters, etc.) and user log records from ST3Pro to ST4I?
I hope there is some kind of "automatic process" to do this data migration (e.g. via sync database?).


For SkyTools Imaging (not Visual!) too much has changed to be able to use your ST3 data. You would end up having to add many settings and update others anyhow. It is best to start over. The one exception is your obstructed horizons. Provided that you set up your observing locations with the exact same name, you can simply copy the files from the ST3 "horizons" folder into the ST4 "horizons" folder. The ST3 folder is found in "SkyTools 3" in your Documents. The ST4 folder is found in "SkyTools 4" in your Documents.
Okay, thanks, Greg.

I am not happy but doing every data input again I will learn new features quicker at least... Dodgy  Big Grin

Just be sure that you follow the instructions for setting up your Imaging System under the Getting Started section of the help. Some people are skipping these instructions and they end up with things only partially set up, then wonder why things don't work better...
Thanks for this advice! I agree.

"Always look on the bright side of life" (Monty Python)