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Full Version: Bug adding Astrodon 3nm Ha Filter
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I'm using ST4 version 4.0b.  If I go into the Setup menu and pick Imaging Systems, and then click on Filters, it allows me to assign filters to the imaging system.

If I pick use "Get Filter from Pool" and select the "Astrodon Ha 3nm" filter, it adds the "Astrodon B" filter to the system.  I have not found a way to add the Astrodon Ha 3nm filter.


This is actually a problem in the "Your Filters" database.

1. Select the Your Filters database

2. Find the Astrodon Ha 3nm filter and delete it.

You should now be able to add this filter.
Ok, that worked.

But to delete the Astrodon B filter from "Your Filters", I had to find all the imaging systems that were using it and remove it. It was on the 17" Planewave system that was there after a clean install. I never added the Astrodon B filter to any imaging system.

Sorry about that. I didn't think you would need to delete the Astrodon B filter.