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Full Version: ST4 crash when trying to view a downloaded image
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I was trying to download an image from the SDSS G survey and when I try and view it with the image viewer or display it as a background image in the interactive atlas ST4 crashes. The image seems to have been downloaded into the my Attachments folder.

Thanks Owen. I've had a another report of this behavior. I am looking into it.
For what it is worth if I use the external viewer option it opens fine so I think the file itself is OK.
Hi Owen,

So far I haven't gotten anywhere reproducing this problem. If you would, please find your "SkyTools 4" folder in your Documents, send it to a zip file, and then email me the zip file. This would allow me to test using the debugger. Also, what is the name of the file?

Hi Greg the file name is "ngc 584" (the spaces are real). Have sent the rest to you.

Hi Owen,

Thanks for sending the files. That is the quickest way to find the problem. Unfortunately, everything seems to be working fine. I have been busy fixing things and it is possible that a fix has indirectly resolved the issue.

It would help me if you would describe the steps that you take to cause the crash so that I can walk through it myself.

Hi Greg on my system very easy to replicate. This is a system running Windows 10 1803. It does not seem to matter what image server to use. To replicate

Right click on object in list -> downloads DSS image. Check view image on completion. Image downloads, ST4 crashes. Restart ST4 -> Data => Plottable images -> select image. If I click View ST4 crashes, if I click use external viewer I can see image. The same happens if I try and overlay the image on the interactive atlas. ST4 crashes. This is ST4.0b. |It does not seem to matter if I import the images into the default My Attachments folder or make a new folder to put them in. The result is the same.

I am wondering if this is some issue with the Documents folder and OneDrive mapping but I don't think so.