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Full Version: Enh Req: Update Nightbar in Scheduler when Highlighted Project Changes
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Hi Greg,

Minor enhancement request - or maybe I'm missing something.

In the Scheduler, Real Time ImagingĀ and ACP Expert panels, the only way I have found to make the night bar update is to click on a project in the Imaging Projects pane.

I can use up/down arrow and other keys to move the highlight to a new project, but the nightbar doesn't update, it still shows the information from the last project I clicked on.

I would like to have the nightbar update to reflect the highlighted project, whenever the highlighted project changes, including via the keyboard.

It works the way I like in the Target Selection panel; if the other panels worked the same way, it would be great.

Thanks for considering this.

Hi Rowland,

Thant's a bug. Fix in next update. Thanks!
Great, thanks Greg.

I feel bummed that I didn't find more of these things during the beta test. Sorry 'bout that!! I think it was because I was focused on interaction with ACP Expert at that time.

The good news is that the more I use ST4, the more I like it. Still trying to understand some things like suggested exposure times (they seem awfully short compared to my experience) but I'll save that for another day and thread so I don't go OT here.

Hi Rowland,

Thank you for all of your help during testing! You were one of the few testers who really dug into it. All of us who use the result owe you a debt of gratitude.