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Full Version: Overflow issues
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I'm new to SkyTools, and am excited about using the features in it to help select objects and craft plans for them.  I am getting some overflow errors though at times.  It's repeatable when starting a new imaging project.  See the attached screenshot.  After dismissing the dialog box, the program becomes unresponsive and I have to restart it, losing all my progress.

Any advice would be appreciated.  



Because it is on the composition tab, this is most likely related to your imaging system. Something may not be set up correctly. Please send screen captures of your OTA and camera dialogs for your imaging system.
Thanks Greg for the quick reply.  Here are the screenshots of the OTA and ccd dialogs:


By the way, I'm getting another strange behavior.  When I select the OTA from the Imaging System Details portion, I get a different entry in the "Telescope Optical Tube Assembly" window than what's listed in the field.  Attached is a screenshot of that.  Perhaps I'm going about this all wrong, but I don't see where to save the OTA details with the System other than using "OK".  

In the screenshot below, the system is my FSQ106, but the OTA details are for the TMB130SS for some reason, which was the last Imaging system I looked at.

Hi Gabe,

When you press "Ok" on the OTA dialog, the dialog should close and the name of the OTA should appear in the OTA selection on the Imaging Project dialog. At the moment, I am not able to wrap my head around how that is not working for you. It would appear that something has gone wrong with the OTA selection, and this likely also explains your other problems. I am looking into possible explanations.

One thing that I have recently become aware of is that using the "Save" button for an imaging system that you have just created and have not fully saved (by either closing the dialog or switching to another imaging system) appears to cause problems. Did you perhaps do that?

What we need to do to get you up and running is to figure out a way to reset things so that you can enter your imaging system data in working order. I wold start by saving your data, maybe by making some more screen captures to look at later. Then create a new duplicate system using one of the default systems provided. Change the name and nothing else then close the dialog. Open the dialog again and see of you can set up the OTA properly. If so, then go ahead and cusomize the new imaging system with your data. When finished, delete the imaging system that was not working,. You may have to delete any imaging ptojecs thatr ely on the old imaging system first.

Let me know if you run into further problems or need more help.
Hi Greg,
That seems to have worked. Thanks! I appreciate the help!