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Full Version: SkyTools .stx file attachments now supported
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I have added support for SkyTools export format files (.stx) to this forum. Please note that while SkyTools 4 can read most SkyTools 3 stx files, the reverse is not true.

As a test I have attached the Permian observing list consisting of the brighter galaxies with look back times to approximately the Permian period of earth history. 

To read this file into ST3:

1. Save the attachment to your computer

2. Start SkyTools 3 and open the Data Manager via the button on the planner tool bar

3. Select the Import Shared Data Tab

4. Select Browse Local/Network Files

5. Browse to the folder where you saved Permian.stx and select the file

6. Select the Observing List Group to put the list in to

7. Click Import

Open the list in the Nightly Planner by selecting the Permian list in the group that you placed it in.