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Full Version: App crash
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I'm experiencing a new problem.

When I am in the target selection tab and click on an object to view the overhead chart the chart frame comes up, and then the program simply closes itself.  While doing this I am using an imaging system I previously used.

This hasn't happened before.

Just before experiencing this problem I created an new OTA and imaging system.  All seemed ok, but when I went to create a chart using this new system I go overflow errors.

I've subsequently re-installed the program, but that does not solve the problem.  

Any thoughts ?

Hi John,

Some questions:

With the new Imaging System, which chart has the overflow errors? The atlas? How did you open it?

FYI the Overhead Sky Chart doesn't have a dependence on the Imaging System.

Back after an extended absence.

I continue to have problems invoking the various charts. When I right click on an object, and then attempt to open the interactive atlas, I get an error message that says Atlas Thread Failed. When I try to open either the overhead sky chart or the Naked Eye chart, the program simply shuts down with no message.

This seems to be independent of any imaging system I select.

The program did an auto update to 4.0d


What are you right-clicking on? What tool? E.g. Target Selection? Scheduler? Real Time? Is it a target object? If so, which one? Or is it an imaging project?

Please close SkyTools and restart it. Then without opening the atlas, try to open the overhead sky view via a right-click on any object in the Target Selection list. Does it still crash?

The mystery deepens. I tried closing, and reopening, as you suggested. When I right click on an object in the target selection tool, and then click on the chart functions, I still get the problem as described above. This is on my desktop machine - where the printer is.

But.... On my laptop, I have no such problems. Everything works as its supposed to. I wonder if there is a gremlin hiding in my registry that leads to this issue.

Try this: open Preferences from the top level Setup menu and click Reset Defaults.
Greg -

That did not work.

But ... I decided to delete the SkyTools4 folder on the desktop and replace it with the one from the laptop. Now everything appears to work fine.

Not sure how I confused the program, but happy to have it back.

Hi John,

I was going to suggest that next, but I wanted to try a few things in order to understand the problem in case it happened again. I'm glad its working for you again.