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Full Version: 2 Crashes
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Getting a crash when adding a focal reducer to my imaging system

And continues to crash when attempting to add my filters to an imaging project...It Just closes out
Something appears to be seriously broken.

First make that you are running the latest version (V4.0c).

There have now been two confirmed reports of anti-virus software deleting or removing data files that SkyTools requires during installation. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior by these software products. If you use an anti-virus other than that supplied by Microsoft please check that it has not removed any files related to SkyTools. If it has, force it to restore them. These are simply data files and cannot under any circumstances cause harm to your computer. Otherwise, you may need to do a clean re-install with the anti-virus disabled. If so, let me know and I can give you the instructions to do so.

If it is your anti-virus, I strongly suggest that you remove it immediately. It is supposed to protect you, not cause things to break for no good reason.
Was one of the software programs BitDefender?
Yes, BitDefender has been one of the worst offenders.