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Full Version: Can't see check marks in preferences
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This is true of other screens, too. Instead of seeing check marks to turn items on or off, all I see is a black rectangle. This is on Win10 and Skytools 3.2k Pro.
Well that's a new one. Most likely this is because the check mark graphic file is straight-up missing. That would normally not happen, but there has been a rash of weird reports like this. Most have been traced to an anti-virus that is blocking simple files for no good reason. If you run Bitdefender, then that is very likely the culprit. Regardless, check your anti-virus logs to see if it has quarantined any SkyTools files.

If that's not it, please attach a screen shot.
On further thought, I may have misunderstood. Are you talking about the regular check boxes in a dialog box? If so, that's pretty wild, since those are provided internally.

Are you having any other problems?

How long have you been using ST3 on this computer?
No bitdefender, but I've run malwarebytes and windows defender, no virus found. i have skytools basic installed, and the check marks show as black squares there, too. I've attached a screen shot.
Wow that's crazy. Did this problem just start, or has it been there since you first installed on this computer? Or did it start when you updated?
From the start. I've had the starter version for years, but I never noticed that I'm supposed to have check marks until I started reading the documentation on the Pro version recently and saw them.
Tell me about your computer.

Also, try this: open the preferences dialog. Drag it to the side of the screen such that at least some of the check boxes go off the screen and out of view. Then return it to the screen. Did some of the check boxes now draw properly?
No, that didn't work.
Please tell me more about the device you are running SkyTools on.
Acer Aspire notebook 5250-0468, Windows 10, 4 gig memory.
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