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Full Version: Scheduler during the day
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I am sorry to report that this problem has reappeared.

I created two Imaging Systems and two locations. I created a few Imaging Projects for each system and tested the Scheduler with each Imaging System and each location and had no problems. I right-clicked on one of the scheduled targets and selected the Interactive Atlas. ST4i crashed. I just restarted St4i and continued adding more Imaging Projects for just one of my Imaging Systems. I created about 15 Imaging Projects and then went to the scheduler and clicked on an Imaging Project at random and the NightBar showed the ImageQuality line high during the daylight hours. I can changed the location to either of my two locations or the Mesa Redonda location and the results are the same.

Is there any extra logging that we can turn on in order to see what is happening?

Please advise.


Greg Jones
I am very sorry about this. There is something usual going on.... lets try letting me look at your latest data. If possible, please put the entire contents of your "SkyTools 4" folder into a zip file ane email it to me, or upload it somewhere I can download it.
Email sent with zip file.

Greg Jones
I haven't seen the email yet. I wonder if it was too big for your email server? There aren't any limits on my end, assuming you sent it to one of my addresses.
I just resent it to forums at

Hi Greg,

I found the source of the problem, but I don't fully understand why it happened yet. Thankfully there is a workaround. Open your affected imaging projects one at a time (it appears to primarily affect galaxies). Select the Exposure Goals tab. Turn your attention to the status area on the bottom right. It will say "MagA" with a string of numbers. These numbers were put there for debugging but I left them in for the time being. What they represent is the surface brightness of the galaxy in mag/arc-sec^2 in the U, B, V, R, and I filters. These values should be in the range 21-25 or so. I am seeing values that are much too bright (small and even negative numbers). This is what is causing the problem. Those numbers tell SkyTools that the galaxy is much brighter than it really is. It only affects the project, not the target object, which is why the Target Selection and Exposure Calculator works properly.

To fix the problem, look on the upper left where you can select what part of the galaxy you are exposing for, such as "Main extent." Try re-selecting it to "Main Extent" (or whatever) again. The numbers should be correct. Save your project. This should fix the project permanently.

I tried creating some projects, and the problem occurs when you apply your saved template. Until I have a fix, when you use your template be sure to re-select the part of the galaxy that you are exposing for to properly set the surface brightness. Double-check by looking at the surface brightness's listed.

I applied the work-around to all the affected projects and those numbers changed as you said and the IQ lines are looking normal in the Scheduler NightBar.

I was using a saved template for the new imaging projects. I will be sure to re-select the "expose for" item until the fix is found.

Thank you for the quick turn-around and the very workable work-around.


Greg Jones
Hi Gregs,

The issue with Greg J.'s project template is probably why I couldn't reproduce his problem. I created a new Imaging Project using his defined Imaging System, but there was no way to use one of his Imaging Projects. I don't remember if Greg J. uploaded a screen shot of the 'Exposure & Filters' section of one of his problematic Imaging Projects.

I'm glad you finally found the source of the problem.

Phil S.

Hi Again Gregs,

I just went back through this thread & noticed that in my 22 Feb 2019 post I appended a screenshot of the 'Exposure Goals & Filters' tab for my M33 Imaging Project. The diagnostic MagA values were in the 21 - 23 Mag range as would be expected for M33. I never saw what the MagA values were for Greg J.'s Imaging Project.

That's why I couldn't replicate his problem. I'm glad there's a workaround.

Phil S.
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