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Full Version: St4i hung during a stx import
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I was importing the set of observing lists from the Texas Star Party website and one of them failed to import into St4i. These are all .stx files.
The file that failed to import is attached here.

St4i simply hung up and stopped responding while trying to import this file. When I restarted st4i the observing list was listed in the Target List, but it was empty.

Please take a look.

Thank you,
Greg Jones
I'm on it. I'll let you know what I find out.
Hello Greg,

I discovered that something unusual about this list revealed a bug. This bug only occurs if there is an error reading the list. I have fixed the bug and am in the process of releasing a new update, probably tomorrow.

This list has NGC 6540 included from the ST3 Open Cluster database. But this cluster has since been determined to be a globular cluster, and so it was deleted from the ST4 open cluster database and then added to the ST4 globular cluster database. The error occurred when the cluster couldn't be found.

Once the update comes out, the list should import without hanging. But it will be missing NGC 6540, which you can add yourself via the "Add Objects" button on the Target Selection tool.

Thank you for the very quick turn-around.

Greg Jones
This issue has been fixed with version 4.0d.

Thank You,
Greg Jones
Awesome! Thanks for reporting back.