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Full Version: Promotional Images Wanted
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Hello SkyTools 4 Imagers,

I'm looking for some nice images to use in promoting SkyTools 4 Imaging. I use iTelescope for my imaging, and because it costs money and because most of my budget goes to testing and development, my images tend to be experiments in using a minimum amount of exposure time. So they may be interesting experiments, but they aren't very spectacular to look at.

If you don't mind my using your images for promotional purposes (on my web site and in ads), please submit some of your work. The images should be the result of using ST4 and of course I will attribute them.
Hi Greg,

Three images you might be interested in. The forum only lets me upload 500K images, so I compressed these down, but they are many megs in size.

The Flame Horsehead has two treatments - in another treatment I dimmed Alnitak some more, although I kind of like this one better, as the star really is this much brighter than the surrounding nebulae.

Both images were taken using ST4 for planning and script development. M33 was photographed using iTelescope's T11 in Mayhill, New Mexico, November 28, 2018. The Flame & Horsehead photo was taken on T31 from Siding Springs, Australia on February 2nd, 2019. The Eagle nebula image was taken with telescope T32 from Siding Springs, Australia on June 7, 2019.

No need to mention that all photos are composites of multiple photos of L, R, G and B exposures, processed with PixInsight.

If interested, I can send you full sized photos via Dropbox. Even email is not sufficient for the file sizes.

Hi Greg,

I realize you might also be looking for photos that are NOT from iTelescope users. But living in a metropolitan area with almost 500,00 residents, imaging with my own telescope is not an option. Besides, very few people, and certainly not myself, can afford a 500mm aperture telescope and a FLI Proline 16803 camera, and even if we could, how to lug all that to a dark site? In addition, there are certain targets, like the Jewel Box, that you just can't reach from North America. So, iTelescope it is.

Here are some more photos for your consideration. I also have several galaxy cluster photos, such as the Hickson 44 galaxies and part of Markarian's Chain, if you are interested.
Enclosed are:
Double Cluster (NGC 869 & NGC 884)
M20 (Trifid Nebula)
M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy)
M104 (Sombrero Galaxy)
NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)
Wow! Thanks for posting these awesome images! I will let you know if I choose to use one.