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Full Version: Truncated dropdowns
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I noticed two places in the UI where dropdown boxes are truncated; in both cases there's plenty of space in the toolbar to the right so they can be extended.

The filter dropdown in the Camera view only shows the first few characters. In the screenshot, the options should read "Color" and "O-III" not "Col" and "O-II". 


The Background Images, while wider, cannot display the default list of "Current Bright and Interesting Minor Planets" as seen below. This one is not a problem, it's just aesthetics.


I tested on my desktop, 1920x1080 and on my laptop, approx 1700x960 (it's 2560x1440 scaled up 150%); in both cases the ST window was maximized. The issue is present in 4.0e but was also in 4.0d.


Some of that might be because the controls are grouped together, so some empty space is normal. I can't really tell because the pictures don't show the entire width of the dialog. The bottom one doesn't look right at all, be again, hard to tell for sure.

What do you have your font/screen item size set to?
I'm attaching two screenshots from my desktop with the entire window width. The monitor is 1920x1200. Scaling is left to 100%.

the first one is 1589 pixels wide because that's the maximum it scaled to even when I clicked Maximize (likely because the screen has a different aspect ratio than the camera sensor, so ST did the right thing and scaled as much as possible while maintaining the aspect ratio).

Those are working as designed, with the main goal being that none of the controls ends up extending off the right side of the screen. I could stretch some of the controls to fill the empty space, but only the attachments folder name is too long for its given space. If I am understanding right, and this is the only issue, then I can look into stretching things that might be improved by stretching them in the future.
Hi Greg,

The one that really needs some more space is the filter name (it's only about three characters now, too short. 10 would be fine). The other one doesn't matter much, one can infer what list it is.


Because space it at a often at a premium for the Camera View, it displays the abbreviation rather than the full filter name. These are up to four characters long, which usually is enough, but for the Color filter it may be abbreviated as Col. You have control over the abbreviation on the Filters dialog.