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Full Version: Overhead Sky Chart Out of Alignment
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I discovered this afternoon that my Overhead Sky Chart is out of alignment.  Any idea on how to correct this?
If this is on a high res monitor you may be stuffed until ST4V comes out as it may be an issue with the graphics drivers
That is the most extreme version of this problem I have seen! But as Owen said, this is a problem with the graphics driver. The only way I can fix it directly is to completely change how the graphics work, and I have done that for SkyTools 4. There may be workaround, however.

See my answer in this thread:
Thanks Greg.

I am running Windows 10 on my iMac using Parallels 14. I will follow your links to see if I can make the necessary changes,

Looking forward to SkyTools 4.

Well I tried all of the options in "properties" to no avail. This could be an issue with Parallels 14 but I have no idea.

Hopefully SkyTools 4 will resolve this problem.
(2019-08-26, 07:16 PM)Oscar56 Wrote: [ -> ]Well I tried all of the options in "properties" to no avail.  This could be an issue with Parallels 14 but I have no idea.

Hopefully SkyTools 4 will resolve this problem.

Not sure what the options in properties actually means... I hope you tried each of the different screen item scalings and took the time to log in and out again.

SkyTools 4 Imaging has been out for nearly a year with no reported problems.

I would like to remind everyone that this was never a problem with SkyTools itself, other than the fact that it used standard Windows graphics in an unusual, but perfectly acceptable, way.  The problem is that there are few, if any, other software products out there that make full use these features. As a result, it is easy for the video driver developers to miss the problem, and even to ignore it when reported.
Hi Grant,

I experienced the same issue when I upgraded to a 4k monitor. I think that the same thing will happen when you use the 'Telescope View' as well. Part of the image seems to be displayed as appropriate for the 4k view and part as a 1080p quadrant (top left) of the 4k screen. I was unable to find a work around. I am running Win 10 v1903 now, but the issue also occurred with Win 10 v1803. I fear you're SOL until Greg releases the new ST4 Visual software that has the better graphics engine.

Good luck,

Phil S.
Some clarifications:

1. This is a graphics card driver issue. It is only tangentially related to your version of Windows or what resolution you are running at. People contact me about this issue and expect me to fix it, but contacting the maker of your graphics card would be more useful.

2. All actual drawing is done by your video driver, and all drivers are expected to conform to Windows standards,. The ones that are failing to do so are failing to do so.

3. The majority of people using SkyTools 3 do not experience this problem regardless of their screen resolution.

4. The SkyTools 4 graphics engine is better looking, but is not better in the sense that the ST3 engine somehow suffers from a problem.
Thanks Greg. This is not a feature that I have used much in the past so I have no idea when the issue started.

But I can wait for SkyTools 4. Thanks for your responses.

Since my first report I have now reactivated ST3 on my old laptop. Labels and stars are now aligned properly.

This issue was clearly a function of running Windows10 on Parallels14 on a Mac. This is not an issue of SkyTools but an issue of the clunkiness and sluggishness of Parallels 14. Many other users of P14 have been complaining about the almost unuseability of P14.

So now my 10 year old Windows laptop has been dusted off and sits on the corner of my desk. NOW I might consider taking it to the telescope with me.

Regards, grant