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Full Version: NINA plan export feature request
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Hi there!  Stumbled on SkyTools 4 recently (followed a link from the article on C/2019 Q4), and it looks super impressive.  Going to do a bit more reading but I'm basically sold.  Planning out targets is always stressful for me since our skies are not suitable for observing most I really want to make the most of the clear nights we do get. Smile

I was curious if NINA (, repo is at: plan export might be possible sometime in the future?  NINA is another sequencer and control software similar to SGP, but relatively new and under very active development.  It works a lot better/faster for me than SGP so I've pretty much completely switched over.

NINA saves/loads sequences to a simple XML format.  Since ST4 can emit ACP (which I think is just a textual format?), I'm guessing it would be possible to do a similar thing for NINA.  I'm a developer myself, so I know nothing is ever as simple as it sounds though Smile  

Anyhow, ST4 looks fantastic!  Just wanted to raise a feature request for NINA export in case you have some spare cycles.  Cheers!
I am also transitioning over to NINA.  I am an existing user of the software and love it. I would love to see the capability of exporting to NINA as well.  I know many who are either switching or have switched.
Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely look into this!
Great, thanks Greg!  Heart
I’m a new but excited user of ST4, and would also encourage including NINA integration in future development plans.  I see the combination as a big step towards budget automation.  Thanks!
So far NINA looks like it may be a winner for quick and easy integration! My goal is to add support for at least one control system by the fall.