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  Unable to submit projects to ACP Expert
Posted by: manojkoushik - Yesterday, 06:46 AM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (4)

I created an imaging project (Bernard's loop. Mosaic of 2*4) and it shows up in the ACP Expert tab. ACP Setup has been completed (both running on the same machine and it looks like it's able to login and fetching status works as well). 

But I can't seem to submit the project. Gives the error 

** Error ** No bbservations could be scheduled

Any idea why this is? This is going to ACP scheduler so the schedule of when to image will be controlled by Scheduler and ST4, as I understand it is only feeding in the targets? 

At some point one such submission worked, but I have no idea why that one succeeded and the others I am creating are failing. 

I have selected the current date, and Bernard's loop should be schedulable now (although, since ACP Scheduler can take targets many months in advance, this should not really be a limiting factor?)

Any feedback on how I can submit would be much appreciated. 

I am on version 4.0e


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  Exposure time and settings questions for newb
Posted by: jonkjon - 2019-11-16, 05:13 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (3)

I am new to ST4 Imaging. I have been reading the manual, watching tutorial videos, as well as perusing the forums. I have also been browsing/practising with the software to get familiar with it. I have setup my imaging system, location, etc. During my trial practice runs, I am noticing that the exposure times, recommended in the Filters section of the Exposure Goals and Filters tab of the New Imaging Project section, seem to be unusually short. I know that it's hard for anyone to tell me specifically what I am missing as you would need much info about my system. However, I don't know where to begin as there is so much information to provide. I can generalize my imaging system and then perhaps this will narrow down what other info I need to gather.

I am currently imaging with an iOptron ZEQ25 CEM using a Skywatcher 80mm refractor with an .80x focal reducer. I use a QHY163M mono camera and mostly shoot LRGB with occasional Ha from a Bortle 4 sky site. I have used my own camera info as well as imported my camera information from the shared cameras. Gain/Offset is usually 50/35 for this camera when broadband.

With this setup, ST4 Imaging is showing exposure times of: Lum-180 sec, Red- 360 secs, Green-360 secs, Blue-240 sec.s (LRGB (Bin 1x1)) to obtain an SNR of 60 when exposing for Target Object/Main Extent. While I understand that ST4 Imaging is aimed at saving me skytime, this seems insanely short. I know I have to either be mis-interpreting what I am seeing or I have a setting wrong. Is this tab indeed telling me that all I need is a total of 19 mins. worth of integration? While I know the target is better suited for NB (I am still acquiring filters), and the scale is not ideal, I have exposed this target in the past (LRGB) for as much as 2 hours and still think it could stand another couple of hours. I have checked to make certain the correct information is displayed in the Target Selection (i.e. Imaging system, Location, Primary Focus/Focal Reducer, Auto Filter, Binning). I haven't had clear skies since purchasing ST4 Imaging so I haven't had a chance to test anything in terms of real world shooting.

I have attached some screen captures of some of my settings windows. I'll be glad to provide whatever else is needed. Thanks for reading.


Attached Files
.zip   Skyhound Setttings Pics.zip (Size: 192.92 KB / Downloads: 3)
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  Comet 2I/Borisov may soon be observable visually
Posted by: theskyhound - 2019-11-15, 08:43 PM - Forum: Visual Comets - Replies (1)


I believe that the first interstellar comet may soon be observable visually in larger amateur instruments. This conclusion is based on recent magnitude and coma diameter measurements from images. To the best of my knowledge nobody has yet detected it visually, but of course the moon has been interfering. My calculations indicate that as soon as November 21 we should be able to get a good look at it, and it may be visible in apertures as small as 8-inches (under a dark sky and to an experienced observer). It should be visible in a 16-inch or larger scope.

It will be in Leo and available in the hours before sunrise from most locations. I plan to have a go at it in my 18-inch Dob. 

I have added 2I/Borisov to the the SkyTools 3 current comets list. The "I" designation is not yet supported in SkyTools 3 (thought I'd have a little more time before an interstellar comet came along!) so it is listed as C/2019 Q4 (2I Borisov) for the time being. As soon as a visual observation is posted I will update the Current Comets list with more accurate magnitude, coma diameter, and degree of concentration data, which will allow for more accurate visual difficulty estimates.

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  SkyTools and Windows 10 S
Posted by: theskyhound - 2019-11-15, 06:30 PM - Forum: Developer's Corner - No Replies

Many new Windows devices are now being offered with Windows 10 S. This is a limited version of Windows, and one of its features is that, in its default state, software can only be installed via the Windows Store. SkyTools is not available via the Windows Store, and it is unlikely to be anytime soon.

Any version of SkyTools can be run on a Windows 10 S device, but to do so, the Windows 10 "S" mode must be disabled. This is relatively easy to do, but once disabled there is no way to go back.

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  Light Old User Question
Posted by: bigmasterdrago - 2019-11-12, 10:23 PM - Forum: Beginners Forum - Replies (1)

Not new to SkyTools had ver.2, then upgraded years ago to 3Pro but only very lightly used it. Very old and fluent MegaStar user. Recently decided to give it another try so installed on a new laptop and set up some of the permanent configurations. I noticed when listing the "Optimum Eyepiece" on a Nightly Planner for a comet run, some of the eyepieces listed have 2.0x next to the name. I'm assuming that ST is making a suggestion that I add a 2x Barlow to the 6 Clave or 5 LE Takahashi?  When observing that particular comet from my Bortle class 4 skies with my 13" Dob. Or does it mean something else?

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  Skytools 4 integrate with Voyager?
Posted by: garymck - 2019-11-11, 08:01 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (2)

it seems a significant number of people, including me, have switched to using Voyager from https://software.starkeeper.it/ from other products such as SGP  et al. Would it be possible to provide similar integration to that provided for ACP with Voyager? Leo the developer of Voyager is super responsive and helpful. I would really appreciate it if this possibility could be explored...


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  Chilescope telescope info
Posted by: Lazac - 2019-11-05, 01:09 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - No Replies


Is there anyone on this forum who has setup telescope information for Chilescope and wouldn't mind sharing it?


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  ST4i v4.0e won't display the Interactive Atlas
Posted by: PMSchu - 2019-11-02, 10:36 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (4)

Hi Greg,

I've managed to break my ST4i v4.0e Interactive Atlas. The atlas won't display the star fields, just the info at the top & bottom of the page. The Naked Eye & Overhead views work correctly. When I try to switch from Overhead view to the Atlas, SkyTools displays a 'Fatal Error' message.

I think that I caused the issue by using the Task Manager to end the SkyTools task when it hung this morning during startup. The splash screen was displayed over another program & wasn't going away so I got impatient & ended the SkyTools task. I've done the 'Reset to Defaults' thing, but that didn't help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Phil S.

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  process to transfer to a new computer
Posted by: jjones7777 - 2019-11-01, 12:55 AM - Forum: Beginners Forum - Replies (2)

I'm sure this is been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm updating my computer and want to put my Skytools 3 on it.  What is the process?  How do I download Skytools onto my new computer?  

After that, I would assume I copy the data onto a flashdrive and transfer the information?

Thanks for the help!

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  Skytools and MacOS
Posted by: jnarro - 2019-10-29, 03:04 PM - Forum: SkyTools 3 General Support - Replies (5)

I´ve been using ST3 for several years in my laptop with Windows, now I have a Macbook and I want to know if Skytools can work with the MacOS.

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