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  Question on guide concerning red bar
Posted by: dw_Skyhound - 2019-01-17, 03:55 PM - Forum: New SkyTools Users - Replies (9)

I have a question concerning something stated in the guide concerning the red-bar functionality filtering out listed objects.

The guide states this:
If you are going to bed at a certain time, drag the red bar at the far-right of the NightBar (graphic at the top of the window) to your bedtime.  This will filter out objects that are not best observed before you go to bed.
So if I understand this correctly:
After a list has been generated - a certain number of listed objects may have an AM “Optimum” viewing time.

All objects on the list can then be sorted by “Optimum” viewing time - such items are sorted beginning with AM times.  

Then if the red bar (at the right) is progressively dragged to the left - items on the list having an "Optimum” viewing time which is after the AM time designated by the red bar are filtered out?

So then if the red-bar is dragged to midnight – all objects in the list that are after midnight will be filtered out?

Thanks in advance

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  Can't find "Sky Brightness Dialog"
Posted by: dw_Skyhound - 2019-01-16, 09:54 PM - Forum: New SkyTools Users - Replies (2)

I'm sorry to say - in the help files it describes a "Sky Brightness" dialog module.
I've been able to find the visibility parameters having to do with the location - such as naked eye limit, seeing, air temp and humidity.
But I can't seem to find the "Sky Brightness" dialog module anywhere.
I have the standard version 3


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  How to schedule an iTelescope for multiple objects?
Posted by: PMSchu - 2019-01-10, 08:37 PM - Forum: iTelescope Users Forum - Replies (12)

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in the iTelescope Forum, feel free to move it.

I'm trying to get up to speed on using the iTelescope system in preparation for an upcoming tutorial with Dr. Sasse next week. For starters I wanted to do astrometry on 2 main belt asteroids (10482) Dangrieser and (10483) Tomburns using iTelescope T05 in New Mexico. I created Imaging projects for each object as shown below:

When I ran the ST4i Scheduler, there was a gap between the observations of the 2 asteroids, so I decided to add some exposures of Comet 46P/Wirtanen to fill the gap. The Imaging Project for Wirtanen is shown below:

As the comet is very bright I tried to limit the exposures to 15 min/filter, but I messed up the exposure time for the blue filter and the Scheduler produced this Plan for T05: (Looks like I can't control where the attachment files appear in the post - this will probably get confusing  Blush sorry.)

Question 1: Why did the Scheduler schedule Wirtanen 3 times? Given the brightness, 15 min/filter should have been plenty of exposure. 2 minutes should have provided SNR's in the hundreds for each color and 1000+ for the Clr filter. I didn't select the Astrometry option for the comet, but I did for each asteroid. This added 2 hrs to the plan's run time.

Question 2: If I strip out the extra Wirtanen imaging runs would the plan work properly or will the times for Tomburns be incorrect? Except for the extra Wirtanen images and the error I made on the blue filter this is close to what I wanted to accomplish.

When I tried to schedule Dangrieser only I got this plan: The dither command is included, but I don't see the explicit dithering commands for RA & Dec as in the plan for all 3 objects.

I fixed the error with the blue filter & got this plan as a result: Both asteroids are dithered, but there are still 3 series of exposures on Wirtanen.

It looks like I can't add more attachments. I add a second post with additional attachments after you have a chance to digest this one. Let me know if you have questions about what I'm trying to do. Maybe I'm asking too much of the Scheduler & should simplify what I'm doing.

Also, how do I remove an Imaging Project from the Scheduler's consideration? It now has 3 objects and I can't remove Wirtanen to schedule just the 2 asteroids. I must be missing something.


Phil S.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.txt   iTelescope T05 2019 Jan 10 2230 (Dangrieser Tomburns Wirtanen).txt (Size: 2.12 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   iTelescope T05 2019 Jan 10 2131 (Dangrieser).txt (Size: 362 bytes / Downloads: 2)
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  Exposure calculator
Posted by: CrzHrs - 2019-01-09, 08:50 AM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (3)

i think i might need some help. i am trying to learn how to use exposure calculator with a system made by a borg 107F3.9 and a QHY163M. What i am trying to pull out is the "general plan". Let's say, i wish to do a LRGB image with a global snr value of 90. how many subs (and how long) i have to do for each filter, given gain settings and sky quality?

i am always retriving 5000+subs of 1 sec or similar from exposure opportunities..

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  ZWO ASI178MC specs
Posted by: cbert71 - 2019-01-08, 08:57 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - No Replies

Any ideas where to find the Absolute QE #s for an ASI178MC? I seem to be able to find the relative QE for RGB (or what looks like it would be that) but cannot seem to find the Absolute #s. 

Suffice it to say I'm new to AP and this application is a bit overwhelming to me, though it was suggested to me as a beginner. I get that once i get everything set up, it should certainly help with putting some projects together!

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Posted by: rado4213 - 2019-01-06, 06:48 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (1)

Skytools Crashes when in the exposure goals tab when doing 3 hours per filter...hit the add all filters(I have 4 Astrodons Set up) then the program closes it self

Dan Higgins

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  Understanding Optimum Observation time
Posted by: dw_Skyhound - 2019-01-06, 02:54 AM - Forum: New SkyTools Users - Replies (15)

I'm a new user with SkyTools 3 Standard Edition.
I'm trying to understand the logic/formula behind what is displayed as "Optimum" observation time for an object.
At first I thought it might be the time at which the object was highest in the sky - but after plotting a few sample objects in Stellarium for the displayed "Optimum" time - I'm not so sure that is what SkyTools is shooting for.

Thanks in advance.

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  Scope Connection Problems
Posted by: Nemesis@3319 - 2019-01-03, 09:22 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (15)

SkyTools 3 connects thru ASCOM's Generic Hub to my LX 200GPS (Com3) just fine. However, SkyTool 4 will not. It produces the following error, " SkyTools has stopped working disconnect or troubleshoot". Disconnecting simply shuts down SkyTool 4. Have tried SkyTools 4 thru ASCOM Generic Hub to ASCOM simulator and it connects. Have uninstalled SkyTools 4 and reloaded it but problem does not go away.

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  Planning for iTelecope.
Posted by: waynehixson - 2019-01-03, 06:56 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (2)

LWhat’s the best way to plan for an iTelecope Target? You don’t always know what times are available. Is there a way to create a total plan for a target SNR that might span several nights, rather than individual night plans? Then enter night plans manually once you know the time availability. 

Thanks, Wayne k

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  Minor error on Database Power Search Dialog
Posted by: PMSchu - 2019-01-03, 05:34 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (1)

Hi Greg,

There's a small error on the DPS dialog for stars. In the 'Reference Data Limits' box I think the '<= ' symbol after 'Color' should be a '>=' symbol. The 'Tool Tip' popup reads 'Enter a minimum (B-V) color index'. That's consistent with the operation of the search.

Something for a future version,

Phil S.

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