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  ST4 crash when trying to view a downloaded image
Posted by: obrazell - 2018-10-22, 12:13 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (6)

I was trying to download an image from the SDSS G survey and when I try and view it with the image viewer or display it as a background image in the interactive atlas ST4 crashes. The image seems to have been downloaded into the my Attachments folder.


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  Wrong camera listed in schedule
Posted by: gregwjones - 2018-10-17, 03:54 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (1)

I just purchased SkyTools 4 Imaging and wanted to push a single target through to the scheduler to learn the system. After reading the manual and watching a few videos.

I defined my location. I created my imaging system. Which is a C8 plus a Canon 5D Mark III at primary focus with no filters, all on a GEM mount.

I selected one target, M42, and created an Imaging Project for that.

I went to the Scheduler tab and selected the Imaging Project for M42 and clicked Add. The scheduled plan was listed on the right but, it listed "Orion Nebula, 1x9min, ISO 200, Sigma Art 24mm F1.4,...…". That lens should not be listed for this Imaging Project.

I double checked the configuration of the Imaging System and it seems correct to me. It did have to create a new camera for the 5DIII, but I think I did that right. I checked and there were no lenses defined to this Imaging System.

I am just now learning ST4 Imaging. This could very well be operator error. Please advise.

Greg Jones

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  SkyTools 3 ASCOM 6
Posted by: Spider - 2018-10-09, 12:29 PM - Forum: SkyTools 3 General Support - Replies (2)

Recently, I installed the ASCOM 6 Platform plus the current Sky Commander driver for my Orion XX12g.
I have noticed SkyTools runs a little sluggish and freezes from time to time once connect to the telescope.

I still have to do more research since I also switch to the WiFi solution from Orion, almost at the same time. I know, never good to implement many changes at once.

But my question: are there any reported issues with SkyTools 3 and ASCOM 6 or should I stick to ASCOM 5?
And one more, What is the best/better Virtual ComPort software? I'm using the HW Group VCP which seems to drop the connections once in a while and recovers.


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  iTelescope Data?
Posted by: E Mark Smith - 2018-10-04, 05:05 AM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (1)

Is there a file that will bring in all of the location/scope/camera data for the iTelescope systems or do I have to enter it all manually?

Sorry, I'm very new to imaging so there will probably be a lot of basic questions from me.

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  A few comments on setting camera data
Posted by: wadeh - 2018-10-02, 05:28 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (3)

I am currently using a ZWO ASI1600MM-cool camera.

In the "Edit Camera Data" dialog, there are boxes for Read Noise, Dark Signal and Bit Depth.  The read noise and dark signal are labeled in units of electrons and electrons per second.  Presumably, this data will be used for exposure length calculations.

My comment is that all the imaging software that I use (either SGP or MaxIm/DL) will scale the image to 16 bits by shifting each pixel's ADU left by 4 bits, effectively multiplying each pixel by 16.  So I assume that I need to tell ST4 that this is a 16 bit camera so that any math based on ADU levels will work out. If so, this is a bit confusing.

Another comment that I have is that I use a few specific gain/offset combinations with this camera.  For each of them, I have computed the actual read noise (and have the data available in both electrons and ADU @ 16 bits).  I've also computed the actual gain in electrons per ADU.  I notice that ST4 has just a single option to set the read noise, even though it varies significantly between the different gain/offset settings.  It would be nice to be able to associate read noise with each gain/offset that I use.  Also, getting back to units, it's unclear what to do for the offsets.  I assume that if I've characterized the camera as 16 bits, that it will work out.


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  Bug adding Astrodon 3nm Ha Filter
Posted by: wadeh - 2018-10-02, 05:12 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (3)


I'm using ST4 version 4.0b.  If I go into the Setup menu and pick Imaging Systems, and then click on Filters, it allows me to assign filters to the imaging system.

If I pick use "Get Filter from Pool" and select the "Astrodon Ha 3nm" filter, it adds the "Astrodon B" filter to the system.  I have not found a way to add the Astrodon Ha 3nm filter.


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  iTelescope Data Update
Posted by: theskyhound - 2018-10-01, 05:07 PM - Forum: iTelescope Users Forum - Replies (2)

Hello everyone,

I have been working hard on getting complete data for all of the iTelescopes. The difficulty has been in obtaining data for all of the filters. The Astrodon OIII 5nm filter is commonly used and there is not yet any data available for it. I am waiting to hear from the new owners of Astrodon, once they scan the filter. In the meantime I have constructed a facsimile of this filter by stretching the 3nm filter to 5nm. This should be very close to the actual filter data.

I have also had to construct the HeII and SIII filters for T17 because I have yet to find any data for them. They are apparently custom filters.

T17 also has a spectroscopic grating installed, labeled "Custom." I have created a filter to represent the grating that attenuates the signal by 5 magnitudes, which when selected will approximate the SNR in the stellar continuum.

Changes have been made to reflect the new T09 system.

I am told that T27 has been decommissioned, so this telescope has not been updated. Feel free to delete it from your Imaging Systems.

The new data will be made available later today. I will post a notice here once it is ready. In the meantime, be sure to update SkyTools Imaging to version 4.0b, as it has fixes that are important to the iTelescope update.

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  Filter Selection
Posted by: Barry_S - 2018-09-29, 11:01 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Support - Replies (2)

When setting up my imaging system and attempting to add "Astrodon Ha3nm" "Astrodon B" is assigned. 

It is not possible to select the Ha3nm filter.

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  Catalogue Notes ?
Posted by: gandoe - 2018-09-28, 11:33 PM - Forum: SkyTools 3 General Discussion - Replies (8)

Hi -

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but I would think that Catalogue Notes, in the Object Information window, would show the observing notes from some observation list. For example, if I had selected "Burnhams" catalogue observing list, I would see the Burnhams description of the specific object in the Catalogue Notes tab. Similarly, if I had downloaded the S&T Deep Sky Wonders observing list, I would also hope to see the object observing notes in the Catalogue notes tab. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. 

Am I conceptualizing this incorrectly? Is there a large text file that can be imported to provide those actual notes? Or do you only get the observing list, and the Notes Group is only for associating with an observing list group?


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  Buttons on Interactive Atlas don't appear
Posted by: tcchittyjr - 2018-09-28, 06:48 PM - Forum: SkyTools 4 Imaging - Replies (5)


When I open the Interactive Atlas on either of my laptops, the buttons just above the 'star chart' don't appear. I have to run my mouse cursor along the top for them to appear. One laptop has and AMD graphics card, the other an nVidia, so I don't think this is a vendor issue. Not complaining, just letting you know.


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