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Problem with #duskflats - theskyhound - 2018-02-04


I need your help. I have a simulator set up and it seems to all be working. My location is correct and so is the time. The LST displayed is correct as are the alt/az for target objects.

My plan has an entry for #duskflats in the first line.

My problem is that when I started the plan late this afternoon it went right into getting flats, even though the Sun was still high in the sky. It did what you would expect it to do, by taking a simulated image and waiting for the sky to get darker.

I can't figure out why the system isn't waiting for the sun to set. Ideas?


RE: Problem with #duskflats - Rowland - 2018-02-06

It sounds like ACP may not have your location / time zone set properly since it normally waits until the sun is at altitude 0 degrees to start taking dusk flats.

The Automatic Flat Frames section of the ACP help may be a good place to double check your settings.


RE: Problem with #duskflats - theskyhound - 2018-02-07

Hi Rowland,

I think I pretty much ruled that out though. It needs to know exactly where you are and have the correct time in order to put an object at the correct alt/az. So it remains a mystery. It may be something related to using simulators. I have seen some other weirdness.