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Schedule Browser 404 not found error - theskyhound - 2018-02-04


When I click Schedule Browser from the ACP web interface I get a 404 Not Found error. Apparently I don't have something set up right, but I am not sure what. I do have Scheduler installed. Ideas?


RE: Schedule Browser 404 not found error - Rowland - 2018-02-06

A couple of ideas:

1) I assume you ran the Scheduler at least once to initialize the database.
2) From ACP (the console app, not the web browser interface to ACP)
ACP -> Preferences -> Servers
The field at the bottom of this tab shows you the directory to your web server log. Open the log file and see what happened to create the 404 error.
Also check the Web document root folder
3) In Scheduler (the console app):
Scheduler -> Configure...
Scroll down to the 4. Simulator Sequencer group
Make sure the web document root matches the one in ACP -> Preferences -> Servers

I generally find that if I go to the Help files and follow the instructions step-by-step, stuff works. The Help files have been field tested rather extensively.

Since you are getting a 404 error it sounds like the web server is running - the URL for the scheduler is just not resolving.