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Project Icon Gone from Target List - Rowland - 2018-11-23

I created projects for most of the object in my target list.  The little white P on blue square project icon was showing in the target list when I created the projects.

Today when I opened ST4, the targets are still there, but the project icon is gone.

If I open the project manager, the projects are there.

If I go the Scheduler tab, the projects appear as scheduling candidates.

Not a huge problem since I have other ways of accessing the projects, but was convenient to see which objects already have projects in the Target window.


This seems to be related to the other bug, adding the Observing Program named "DSO's" with an apostrophe corrupted the Observing Program list.

My workaround was to go into the Observing Program setup dialog, delete the extraneous Observing Program names, rename DSO's to DSOs, and close the dialog.

After that, the expected project icons appeared next to the objects with projects in the target list.

If I go into the Observing Program setup (gear icon) dialog again, I get more extraneous program names in the list of Observing Programs, and closing that dialog causes those new extraneous names to appear in other Observing Program drop-down lists throughout ST4.


RE: Project Icon Gone from Target List - theskyhound - 2018-11-25

Hi Rowland,

You have the Observing Program on the Target Selection tool set to "Planets." This means that only those targets with projects assigned to the Planets program will display the "P" icon. Are the projects you looking for assigned to the Planets program? Also, try changing the Observing Program to "Any". Did that resolve the issue?

I will look into the apostrophe issue, thanks!

RE: Project Icon Gone from Target List - Rowland - 2018-11-26

Hi Greg,

I think the problem was a misconception on my part about the use of the "Observing Program" filter. I was thinking it would control whether objects appeared in the target list. I now understand (I hope!) that it controls whether Imaging Projects belonging to that Observing Program appear.

I cleaned up my Observing Program list after the apostrophe problem and I think this is resolved.

BTW, I know you've been travelling and busy so feeling a bit guilty about logging so much stuff, but I've been using ST4 quite a bit and I know if I don't post something when I encounter it, I probably won't do it at all. Hope I'm not being a PITA!