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Scheduler during the day - gregwjones - 2019-02-19

This is my first time to seriously try to schedule an upcoming night at my club's dark sky site. I created several Imaging Projects for one specific Imaging System and then went into the Scheduler to see what I could imaging during a specific night. I clicked on the "Auto Schedule" button and it scheduled several projects including M33 to start imaging at noon. The timeline chart does show M33 high in the sky at noon and it also shows the blue image quality line very high at noon. A screen shot is attached.

Please advise.

Thank You,
Greg Jones

RE: Scheduler during the day - PMSchu - 2019-02-19

Hi Greg,

I see that you have the left hand red vertical line on the Scheduler Night Bar all the way to the left at 12:00. Also note the 12:00 in the 'From' and 'To' boxes under the Night Bar. These set the allowable times for the Scheduler. What happens if you move the left-hand red bar to the right so that it coincides with the night portion of the Night Bar? That should prevent the Scheduler for scheduling observations during the day. It's also odd that the Scheduler is showing 'A' quality (the bright green portion of the line beneath the Night Bar) for M33 during the day. Last I heard you do have air in Oklahoma  Wink . Here in Ohio we just have clouds  Sad .

That the image quality line (I. e. the blue line) is so high for M33 in daylight is a question for the Skyhound, though.

I hope this helps,

Phil S.

RE: Scheduler during the day - gregwjones - 2019-02-19

You are correct in that if I change the scheduling window to start at say 19:00 when it is actually dark, then the scheduler did not schedule anything during the day.

You are also correct in "That the image quality line (I. e. the blue line) is so high for M33 in daylight is a question for the Skyhound, though."

That seems to me to be the root of the problem.

Greg Jones

RE: Scheduler during the day - PMSchu - 2019-02-19

Hi again Greg Jones,

I just tried to create a schedule for M33 using my 10" Schmidt-Newtonian + Canon 7D2 camera assuming that it's located at Mesa Redonda observatory in southern New Mexico. The predicted image quality is 'C' at best. A screen-shot is attached. Granted this is only a single object on the schedule, but I don't know why having multiple objects would make the Scheduler mess up M33 like that. I also checked M33 with some of the iTelescopes for Mar 2/3 2019 and the predicted SNRs in the Exposure Calculator are in the 10-15 range at best.

I have noticed some strange behavior of the Exposure Calculator on the bright comet 46P/Wirtanen and the Skyhound has mentioned that bright comets are tough to deal with.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful,

Phil S.

RE: Scheduler during the day - theskyhound - 2019-02-19

Wow, that's crazy. It's almost as if it is treating it as a planetary imaging project (like the Moon or something). There are two broad possibilities:

1) The Scheduler is confused and needs to be reset. I have seen it get weird sometimes and display the IQ line and colored lines for the previous night or imaging system. I never figured out why, and I have not seen it in a long time, but this could be it. Try changing the imaging system and date. Switch to another tab and back, set the imaging system and date back to what they were, and then switch to another tab and back. If this is the problem it should start working properly.

2) There is something not set up right about your imaging system. Please open the imaging systems dialog, select the system, and click the Report button. Attach the screen capture.


RE: Scheduler during the day - gregwjones - 2019-02-20

It is not case 1 above. I can switch dates, imaging systems, tabs and back again and still I can find a imaging project that has its blue line high on the chart during day-light hours.

I have now seen it happen on the two imaging systems I have attached here.

Also note in the first post in this thread you can see that in the right hand part of the screen it shows what was actually scheduled. And here it shows that it thinks this imaging system is for a 400mm f/5.6 lens. That is not what is configured. I reported this issue back in Oct-2018.

Thank You,
Greg Jones

RE: Scheduler during the day - theskyhound - 2019-02-20

Hello Greg,

I apologize for the lens problem. For some reason I was under the impression that had been resolved. Its something I am unable to reproduce right now. Did I have you send me an exported copy of your imaging system? If not, please use the Save button on the imaging system dialog to create a file for each of your imaging systems and post them here as attachments.

It is likely that these two problems are related.

RE: Scheduler during the day - gregwjones - 2019-02-20

The saved imaging system files are attached here.

Update on the scheduling during the daylight hours issue:

I have continued to add more imaging projects and schedule them and still would see several imaging projects that had its image quality blue line displayed high on the chart during daylight hours. Then I imported a target list from a text file, added an imaging project for one of those new objects and then rescheduled things. And now I no longer see the image quality blue line high during daylight hours for either of my imaging systems at any of the three locations I have setup.

So, the problem may be case 1 above after all.

If there is any debug logging we can turn on I am willing to help track this down.

Thank you,
Greg Jones

Another Update:

When I am on the Target Selection tab and I select an object like M33 I see its image quality blue line looking normal. When I go to the Scheduler tab and click on M33 in its list (before I click Auto Schedule), I see the image quality blue line high during daylight hours.

Hope this helps.

Greg Jones

RE: Scheduler during the day - PMSchu - 2019-02-20

Hi Gregs,

This is an interesting problem. Greg C., I would be willing to put Greg Jones' Imaging System on my version of ST4i to see if it will do the same thing when imaging M33, assuming that Greg Jones is OK with that. I would use the Mesa Redonda location, since it's common to all ST4i installations by default. I would not expect the location to be a factor in this problem.

I noticed that the Scheduler in Greg Jones' first message attachment has 13 objects scheduled after using 'Auto Schedule' and wonder how the Scheduler behaves if it schedules M33 only. Does it still display 'A' quality during daylight for his IS? Does the Night Bar in the Exposure Calculator show the same behavior ('A' quality during daylight) too? How many of the calculation routines for the image quality displays on the several Night Bars in ST4i are used in common?

Gregs, let me know if you are OK with me trying to replicate this problem on my ST4i installation. If not, I will butt out and leave you to it.


Phil S.

RE: Scheduler during the day - theskyhound - 2019-02-20

Hi Phil,

If you want to try his imaging systems, that could be helpful. I am doing the same, but the version of SkyTools that I am using has a lot of updates already applied, so the problem might not be reproducible. BTW his location is saved with the imaging system, so you get that too.

One thing I have found so far is that his location appears to have been set to have too much light pollution. He's got it set for Urban, and although he is near Dallas, urban means he's in downtown Dallas. That's a very extreme amount of light pollution, which may be part of the problem.