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Current Supernovae Problems - theskyhound - 2019-05-07


The source of the SkyTools Current Supernovae list ( has not been updated since April 22. This has caused problems with the current list, as one might expect. So far there is no explanation for why the updates have stopped. I am monitoring the situation.

RE: Current Supernovae Problems - obrazell - 2019-05-08

I believe David Bishop who updates the pages has a heart problem from a note on the web page and is waiting for a new aortic valve. This suggests there maybe a hiatus in the updates.


RE: Current Supernovae Problems - theskyhound - 2019-05-08

Thanks Owen. I had looked at that page so many times, but missed that note.

RE: Current Supernovae Problems - obrazell - 2019-05-11

Looks like he is now out of hospital and gradually updating the page again.