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SkyTools 3 Pro on a MS Surface Pro 4 - masec - 2018-01-11

My Surface Pro 4 has been updated to the Windows 10 Creator's Update. ver 1709  OSB 16299.125

The Night Light feature has made the display almost dark enough to use without a red filter. Night Light allows the whites of the display to morph to a deep amber color.   Unfortunately, it still isn't quite there yet. At a dark site, it is still too bright.  I am encouraged though, if the display can be modified to this degree, it wouldn't take much to expand the display dimming capability to a degree that the Surface could be used in the field without a filter.

I have explored the UEFI (bios substitute) to see if there is a screen intensity modulator built in. I didn't find anything obvious.

Has any other Surface user found settings that make the machine field usable without a Rubylith sheet or the like over the display?

RE: SkyTools 3 Pro on a MS Surface Pro 4 - theskyhound - 2018-01-11


The Night Vision mode is designed to work with a red filter. We have found over the years that this is the best solution, primarily because the black on a screen is never truly black.