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process to transfer to a new computer - jjones7777 - 2019-11-01

I'm sure this is been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm updating my computer and want to put my Skytools 3 on it.  What is the process?  How do I download Skytools onto my new computer?  

After that, I would assume I copy the data onto a flashdrive and transfer the information?

Thanks for the help!

RE: process to transfer to a new computer - dw_Skyhound - 2019-11-01

I should think you should be able to install it using the install application and your copy of the license to register it.
I wouldn't be able to answer the question about copying the log data over - but I suspect there is a log file that can be copied or there is a way to export you log from one system and import it into the other after install.

I'll have to ask the same question myself someday soon here!  :-]

Best of luck!

RE: process to transfer to a new computer - obrazell - 2019-11-06

Having done this a number of times the process is as follows

1) Install ST3 from your original media and enter the license as required
2) Update ST3 to latest version
3 Backup your original ST3 and copy to a USB drive
4 restore from USB drive on new device. Then you will have all your lists, images, notes and logs on the new machine.

I would not look at copying files etc.. Backup and restore options are under the data menu.