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Using Third Party Images in Composition Panel
Hi Greg - 

I decided to add NGC 1333 as a target after seeing a nice image of it on the Astro Imaging Channel.  I downloaded the AIC image and saved it to a folder.

I realized I needed to plate solve it, and the ST4 help suggested, which was a good idea since it does a great job as a blind solver.  It also created a WCS file which 
I used in the "Make Plottable" dialog that pops up from the Images tab in the Object Information dialog.  I saw a message that the image size was unknown - which was a yellow flag to me, but the "Make Plottable" dialog closed without a complaint so I assumed it was just FYI, and not a show stopper in terms of plotting that image.

I created an imaging project but I couldn't get the image to plot in the Composition and Tiles.

I went back to the Object Information -> Images tab, and re-did "Make Plottable," this time entering the information manually in the "Simple Position, Scale and Angle" tab.

I was then able to plot the image in the Composition and Tiles panel - yay!

It took a while to figure this out, so it may be help to:

1)  Note in the Help file that the WCS file from does not include all the info needed to make an image plottable (although the information does appear on the Results page, so you can enter it manually from there).
2)  Pop up an error if someone tries to close the "Make Plottable" dialog after entering a WCS file that does not contain enough data to make the image plottable.  Ideally the error would indicate which information was missing, and perhaps direct the user to try the Simple Position... tab.

Thanks Rowland!
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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