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Night Bar Difference Btw. Scheduler and Exposure Calculator
I tried going to Target Selection and then back to Scheduler - no difference.

I can't find location as a property in the Imaging Project to try changing it there. I did try changing the Imaging System in the project to one at a different location, closed the project, then reopened it and switched back to the original. No difference.
I'l keep looking into it.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg,
I would still like to get this working - I'm thinking I need to just delete everything and do a clean installation if you're not seeing anything like this in your testing.  But I have a lot of ongoing projects in the database so it's a bit painful to lose all that "in progress" data, but it looks to be my only option.

Another example, hoping it sheds some light:

Same date, target, imaging system, location.  

From the Target Selection dialog, the blue image quality and availability lines look correct - this is not a good target for the night:


From the Scheduler, the blue image quality line says it's good all night and the corresponding green bar underneath the night bar shows good quality starting at 3 in the afternoon, when it's still broad daylight.  


This is ST4 4.0e.

Any ideas other than starting over?


PS - I noticed something else - I clicked the "Add" button in Scheduler while positioned on NGC 1333 and it seems to have correctly added exposures after 1:21:52A, which corresponds to the "good" imaging quality slot shown in the Targets screen. It does not try to add exposures during the time shown as bright green in Scheduler night bar. So perhaps the problem is more in the visualization of the night bar in the Scheduler, and the underlying logic that decides what frames to schedule is working properly.
Hello Rowland,

I agree with your your observation and I think this is a bug. I have seen it myself before, but it comes and then goes before I can pin it down. I think it is likely some sort of initialization problem with the Scheduler that gets it off on the wrong foot so to speak. For me, it works correctly 99 times out of 100.

My advice is to hold on a little longer. All my attention is on ST4 Visual right now and it is probably about a week away from release. Once that happens I can get back to figuring this out. I have found that you can usually clear the problem by changing something, such as the date or location, and then changing it back. Doing so and switching to the target selection tool also seems to help straighten things out. You might try doing so as a workaround.

Thank you for your patience. In addition to many fixes, there are some new features/enhancements on the way too.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks Greg, I'll wait and good luck with ST4 visual.


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