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Skytools and MacOS
I´ve been using ST3 for several years in my laptop with Windows, now I have a Macbook and I want to know if Skytools can work with the MacOS.
SkyTools is windows only, but it runs fine on a Mac via a Windows emulator. There are many such emulators available. Some are free. The more expensive ones tend to offer the most direct integration on your Mac desktop.

Here is a recent list:

Perhaps someone who has tried some of these emulators can comment.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
I have been running SkyTools3Pro on my MacBook for over three years now using Wine.
I run ST 3 on a MacbookPro with Parallels. OS is Windows 10. Everythings works if it would be running on a native Windows machine.
This includes connecting to several mounts, ServoCat etc.
When I was on Mac, the best results I had across the board but especially with SkyTools 3 Pro, was with Codeweavers Crossover, which required no OS, as the OS kernals were built into the emulator software. SkyTools started up and ran incredibly fast and just like it was a native Mac app, including the ability to directly drag and drop or cut and paste between Windows and Mac applications. The only thing I was never able to successfully get to run in Crossover was my then copy of Office 2013 Home & Student.

All this said, my Mac was a Mini desktop which never connected to my scopes, so ASCOM was never loaded nor attempted. All my scope driving was through my iPad with SkySafari - with lists built and exported from SkyTools.
I use ST3 on my Mac using Parallels. I had some difficulty getting started but I eventually got it sorted out with the help of Parallels Support, who were very good.

ST3 is the only software I use that requires Windows, so it would be nice if it could run with the Apple operating system, but apparently this is not possible.

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