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Minor Planet List type ID request
Doing minor planet astrometric work, I will often use SkyTools3 to generate an observing list of minor planets (alongside of the Minor Planet Centers list generator). I concentrate mainly on NEO's and use the database search tool to put my list together, I am able to single out what particular type asteroids are, Aten's, Apollo's etc. However when I generate my list, the only ID shown of the minor planets selected is the name and or number ID. Is there a way to also list what type of asteroid it is? For example, I print out a list of asteroids visible for the night. While I could see what type of each was in the database search, once I create the list and print it, I only have names and numbers, nothing to tell me the types. It would be great if the types were also listed. Maybe I am overlooking something.

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Minor Planet List type ID request - by ncwolfie - 2018-01-02, 06:06 PM

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