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Understanding Optimum Observation time

It is important to understand that when using the Nightly Observing List Generator that it works off from the settings on the Nightly Planner. It uses the night, telescope, location, and your time sliders. Sometimes people try it on a night of full moon, and wonder why more objects aren't listed. So take a careful look at the night and other planner selections before using it.

Please do not make assumptions about how useful a tool is until you understand it thoroughly. Note that all of these things do have extensive help pages.

If you feel it is not showing you objects that are detectable in your telescope, then look for errors in your telescope (ensure you have the proper units for the aperture and focal length) and location (ensure you have the proper longitude, latitude and sky brightness settings).

Your observing list can be printed or copied to the Windows clipboard for pasting into any document.
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