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Incorrect OTA used for iTelescope T32
Hi Greg,

I think there's an error in the OTA used by ST4i v4.0c for iTelescope Imaging System T32. My ST4i lists T32 as a 24" CDK OTA, but iTelescopes lists T32 as a 17" CDK. As far as I can tell the only 24" iTelescope is T24 in California. The camera listed is correct, but the plate scale and FOV are wrong due to the shorter focal length of the 17" OTA vs. a 24".

Feel free to move this post to the iTelescope part of the forum, if you think that's more appropriate.


Phil S.

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Incorrect OTA used for iTelescope T32 - by PMSchu - 2019-02-16, 05:23 PM

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