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Search by object by (narrowband) filter type?
Is it possible to perform searches (presumably, in the Database Power Search tool) by objects that would benefit of using a narrowband filter, such as an O-III filter? I'm asking because I live in an area with very high light pollution so when I don't drive out to a darker site, it'd be useful to see what I can do with a narrowband filter.

I've noticed that under the Galactic Deep Sky tab, the Diffuse Nebulae has an option for "HII regions" which I suppose it works for H-alpha filters but for O-III filters I'm not sure if I can find an equivalent. 

It's not a big thing if it's not available, I can find candidate objects with some googling, I was merely curious. 

Thank you.

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Search by object by (narrowband) filter type? - by razvan - 2019-06-09, 07:00 PM

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