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"ComboBox3" in the Add Observation dialog

It sounds like it should work the way you have it set up, but looking at the screen capture, I see a big red flag: there appear to be empty (blank) imaging systems in your Imaging System list. This is a sign that your imaging system database is corrupted. This is likely the root of your problem. When something is that broken, various problems are bound to appear.

We need to start over with your imaging systems. Here is what I suggest:

1. Ensure that you are running the latest version 4.0d.
2. Select your imaging system and save it via the Save button to an stx file.
3. Close ST4
4. Find your "SkyTools 4" folder in Documents and delete the following files:
"imaging systems" folder
5. Run the installer (SkyTools4Setup.exe). This will regenerate the missing files.
6. Start ST4 and open the Imaging Systems
7. Press Open and find the .stx file you created in step 2. Read it in.

For the time being, resist the temptation to delete the default imaging systems and go ahead and close the dialog. Do some testing to see if your imaging system is now fully functional.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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