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Questions about the interactive atlas and camera view
Hi Greg,

I have two so I'll use one thread (hope you don't mind) since they are both related to the same views. 

  1. Is it possible to disable the rendering of the constellation lines & boundaries (or, more generally, of a given line type)? The chart preferences windows allows setting the line thickness, but its value starts with 1 not 0. I can sort of hide the lines by changing the colour to black but that works if the sky background is black. If I change the chart type to atlas on white background, the lines are again.

  2. Is it possible to extract the list of objects in the camera view (to be more precise, as visible with the current magnitude limits? Use case: I take an image based with a chosen target and would also like to know which other objects are in, particularly if some are interesting such as quasars. I can set the mag limits to match the captured image and it'd be great to be able to click a button and get a list of objects in the FOV (useful columns: Primary ID, Alternate ID, Type, RA, Dec, Mag).

  3. Is it possible to select the default gain that is used for a camera? I have a ZWO294MC Pro and configured the 300 and 400 gains which I use most often for EAA. Every time I open the camera view, it defaults to Gain 300 (perhaps because it's the first one entered or the first one alphabetically). This is a very minor point, more like a curiosity. 
Thanks and happy 4th of July!

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Questions about the interactive atlas and camera view - by razvan - 2019-07-04, 06:07 PM

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