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Observing List errors on Win 10 Desktop and Notebook
Hi Greg

The SS2K Alignment Stars list is exhibiting strange behaviour:

Win 10 Pro Desktop PC:
Only 26 out of the 35 alignment stars are showing data. The remainder are blank and show zeros in the RA and DEC columns - see screen capture.

Win 10 Home Notebook.
I upgraded this from Win 7 to Win 10 as a fresh install i.e. all apps and data were deleted.
I installed ST3 from the CDROM (full install) and when I Imported the SS2K Alignment Stars List from SkyHound all 35 entries were blank with zeroes in RA and DEC columns.

I have uninstalled ST3 on the Notebook and re-installed again with the same results?

I haven't used ST3 for several months prior to observing this behaviour on both the Win 10 Desktop and the Win 10 Notebook.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?



Win 10 Home Notebook:
  • On the newly installed Win 10 Home Notebook, all the Star Observing Lists (e.g. Skiffs Red Stars, AL Carbon Star, etc.) are all blank with zeroes in the RA and DEC columns.
  • Also, in the Deep Sky Group, the South African Astronomical Observatory Best contains over 50 blank entries, all with zeroes in the RA and DEC column for those blank entries.
  • I have just quickly browsed the Current and Default Lists and they appear to look okay, with no blank entries displaying.
Win 10 Home Notebook.
I noticed that AL Doubles were in the Default Group and AL Carbon in the Star Group on my Win 10 Home Notebook and they displayed differently in the RT Tab as shown in the following screen captures:


Both displays appear to be incomplete in terms of data fields - this is getting stranger and stranger, given this is a fresh install of Win 10 and a fresh install of ST3 on this Notebook.

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