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ACP scheduler project/plan/obs names
(2019-08-29, 12:09 PM)Andre Germain Wrote:
(2019-08-27, 03:00 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Hello,

It's likely that XP is the problem. Web sites were updated to always use the secure https vs. http a couple of years ago, and this breaks SkyTools' access to the web under XP. SkyTools accesses the web via Windows and in XP it simply can't handle the more modern secure protocols. This should also affect your subscriptions and downloading DSS images. A heck of a price to pay...

You should be able to upgrade manually, however:
Thank you,

I suspected so (XP). The cost to code and purchase new h/w to migrate my automated observatory to Win10 is too steep. But I built a second one which will be Win10, so ST4 will naturally migrate to that PC in the coming months.

But to return to the original question, can you add manual overrides over the naming of the tokens that ACP requires? Indeed, I should try the update, and will next clear night to see how things have changed since.

P19 appears with version 4.0e as well.


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